About Us

Sparkles Cleaning Services Wales & West Ltd was founded in 2003 by Director Ceri Jennings, who was inspired to create a professional cleaning business after being asked by friends and family members if she would help them to clean their homes. Initially, Ceri was reluctant to take on such tasks, but after realising that she was really making a difference to people and genuinely providing support to ease their hectic lives, she found the job to be very satisfying. She felt a sense of purpose in the role, and enjoyed bringing some sparkle into the homes of people and families, and from that, Sparkles Cleaning Services Wales & West was born!

Sparkles has always been a family-run company, but has grown in recent years to establish itself as a well-know and trusted professional cleaning company around Cardiff, Vale of Glamorgan and expanding into all of Wales and the West.

As a business, we have gained a credible reputation over the last 15 years for our high standard of work and customer service. We are proud to have worked with some of the biggest companies and names in the area – including the BBC and National Assembly for Wales. Each year, we continue to grow and continue to learn. We are forever-hopeful that Sparkles will go from strength to strength, and that our cleaning services will continue to keep bringing our lovely, loyal clients back to us, year after year. To those who keep returning and to those who stick with us as we grow, we genuinely thank you. May your lives be filled with sparkle!

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