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Data Protection

We may be required to collect, process and store data which relates to its
stakeholders, including our employees, customers, suppliers, etc, in order for the
company to carry out its duties, rights and obligations. All information and data
stored, is done so securely in accordance with the principles of the Data Protection
Act 1998. The company may require to change it’s data protection procedures from
time to time to continue to comply with changing legislation.

The information will be used primarily for personnel, administrative and payroll
purposes, however there may be other requirements for data collection in
association with the company's business operations. The company will adopt
appropriate organisational and technical measures to prevent the unauthorised use
of unlawful processing or disclosure of data.

Personal Employee Data

We may require, in the case of our employees, to collect personal data, this may

 Name, Address, Next of Kin, Date of Birth;
 Job Title or Profession;
 Contact Telephone Number(s) or Email Address;
 Bank Information;
 Health Conditions;
 Any Alleged Offences and/or Criminal Convictions.

Some of this data is classed as "sensitive personal data". This may include
information relating to racial or ethnic origin, trade union membership, physical or
mental health or existing medical conditions, and any alleged offences and/or
criminal convictions.

Employees applying for a job with us will be asked to provide/confirm their personal
and/or sensitive personal data as required. By providing this information, the
employee will allow consent to us collecting, processing and storing this information.

Other Stakeholders Data

We will require to process customer information which includes their address,
contact information (including key contacts, telephone numbers, emails), site specific
information etc. We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure.
We may occasionally send out promotional literature or information on new services
or products which we think you may find interesting. We may also send out
information on changes in legislation which may affect the services we, or our sub
contractors provide to our customers. We will request your consent before doing this.

Cookies and Website

Cookies are small files which are stored on the device used to search for the
information (eg computer, laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc). Cookies are created
when you visit a website or device which uses cookies and they are commonly used
to assist the user's browsing experience and provide information about the users'

experience and/or interest. Cookies are generally used to improve content, services
and advertising more relevant for the user, in particular on future visits to the
website. We can confirm that the company's website does not use cookies to
capture browsing information in any way.

Other than for the operation of our 'callback request form', the company's website does not capture any personal information or data. The information captured on the callback request form is sent in the form of an email which is received by the Business Director to respond as per the enquiry. The information held within the email will be held for no longer than 3 months, unless the nature of the initial enquiry becomes a confirmed contract or job, in which case information will be held on the job file which you can request to access personal information from under the terms
of the Data Protection Act 1998. Information may be requested by contacting us on
07765 790276 and making a request for information under the Data Protection Act
providing clear instruction in the information required.

The company's Data Protection Policy Statement only covers the information
captured within this website. It does not cover any information captured by links from
this website to other third party websites and therefore we cannot be responsible for
the protection and privacy of any information which you provide whilst visiting a third
party site. You should always exercise caution and check the privacy statement
applicable to the website in use.

Disclosure of Data

The company handles all data in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. We
recognise the importance of correct and lawful processing and therefore the data you
provide will only be used for the provision of services you have requested, and only
where necessary will be forwarded to a third party to comply with legislation, to
enforce policies, protect our, or other's, property or safety (eg HMRC; the pension
provider, senior managers/Directors of the Company; enforcement agencies or
relevant authorities). The company do not sell, trade or transfer information to
external parties.

Disclosure of some personal data may also be made to other entities not identified
above where it is a legal requirement to do so. This will only ever be done in
accordance with the Act. Your consent will be sought where necessary. The
company will retain your personal data as long as necessary for the purposes
described above. After termination of your employment we are required to hold your
personal data for a period of time to satisfy statutory/legal obligations or for
administrative purposes.

Links to further detail on rights can be found here:

The Data Protection Officer is Simon Pickthall, Company Director. Data Protection
enquiries can be directed to Simon on