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After Builders Cleaning

If you’re having building work done or renovations carried out on your commercial premises, it can be such an exciting but stressful time. You’ve finally got that new kitchen, bathroom, or extension that you’ve promised yourself for so long, but you’ve also got all the chaos and mess that goes with it! Depending on the scale of work, everything from your carpets, walls, and windows to your cupboards, work surfaces, and bathrooms may need a really good scrub after the builders have finished their jobs.

Once the builders have left, it’s only natural to want to clean everything up and get settled as soon as you can. However, we recommend waiting a little while until the air is clean to ensure that you don’t waste your time cleaning, only for more dust to settle. It’s a good idea to let the dust settle for up to two weeks after the builders have gone, before giving it that much-needed clean. In fact, did you know that it can take up to nine weeks for fine dust particles to settle after building work has been carried out?

Of course, not everyone has nine weeks to wait! And if you need help with speeding up the process, then you’ve come to the right place! We have years of after-build cleaning experience, and you can rely on us to bring our hard work and professional skills to clean your property from top to bottom!

Our highly-trained staff uses wet-washing techniques and specialist products to help move that dust along and bring some sparkle to your commercial premises. We understand that every job is unique and requires its finish, and we’re very happy to work with you and provide a professional cleaning service that suits your needs.

Just contact us today for a chat with one of our professional, friendly members of staff!

What Our Customers Say

Sparkling Service from Sparkles Cleaning Services. The staff are friendly and reliable, and always accommodate our needs.

Steve Christmas360 Solutions

We have been using Sparkles for several years. The staff are always friendly and carry out specific additional tasks as requested by our individual offices.

Jacqui SullivanNational Assembly for Wales

When I need a professional and prompt tenancy cleaning service, I always use Sparkles. The team always do a brilliant job and I regularly recommend them!

Alun DaviesPrivate Landlord