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Christmas is Coming…

By December 2, 2018June 23rd, 2019No Comments
Christmas cleaning cardiff

The Christmas build up seems to start earlier each year, with decorations in the
shops in September, and adverts all year round.
However, this does give us plenty of time to get ready! The planning we need to do
seems endless, but starting early can help. Not just children hope to get some
presents at Christmas time!
Having a good sort out before the big day, can be really helpful in clearing space,
and tends to make us feel happier too.
Going through all the toys you may find:
Old broken toys that can be put in recycling;
Toys that could be taken to charity shops;
Toys that the children no longer play with, that could be given to younger children
you know, or stored in the attic for the grandkids.
Hopefully, it will give you less things to fall over around the house, and now you have
made lots of room for the next lot of toys!