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Congratulations to Rhian Williams!

By October 23, 2022No Comments

It’s not every day that a valued member of Sparkles completes their NVQ Level 2. I invited Rhian to come to the office to collect her certificates and to have a picture to remember the occasion, and why not?

Sparkles Staff members have had the opportunity to do their NVQ and Rhian Williams has completed her Level 2 Cleaning and Support services skills, what a fantastic achievement! Congratulations 🥂🎉

Sparkles has another 5 members actively doing this qualification, we are really proud that we are able to develop our staff.

Rhian had the following to say; 

‘I’m really chuffed that I was given the opportunity to be able to do this, I found the learning different this time around than when I was in education and university as then I recorded information via paper and pen, this time around I found myself having to take the digital route, the laptop! I had some help with this from my NQV accessor and my husband who both had endless amounts of patience.

You are never too old to learn, I’m very close to my 60th Birthday!

I’m truly grateful to my employer Sparkles, I would also like to thank the site manager, Rianna Herisson. Without you saying yes to the accessor being able to access the building, It would have not been possible, so a big thank you all and for having the time inside and out of work to be able to do this qualification.”