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End of Tenancy Support

By December 2, 2018August 21st, 2021No Comments

Leaving a home can be stressful, with lots to think about. As a tenant you are keen to get to your new place, and ensure you get your bond back from the landlord.

As a landlord, you want the property to be in a good state to show to new tenants. With so many other things to organise, making sure the property is left in a state for the next tenant can be stressful.

We have 15 years of experience in helping take the stress out of this. We can worry about the cleaning, while you concentrate on your new home, or finding the next tenant.

As a tenant, we provide you with a cleaning list and email confirmation that can be used to show your landlord that you have used a professional cleaning company, when requesting the return of your bond. Before and after photographs can also be provided.

Some tips before getting the property cleaned:

1. Get a copy of your landlord’s cleaning requirements;
2. Empty the property fully;
3. Make sure that there is still hot water and electric for the cleaning team to use;
4. Empty and defrost your freezer.

We can also help you cleaning your new property, by cleaning cupboards, sterilising bathrooms, etc. As a landlord, we can clean, but also repair damage quickly, to enable you to let the property quickly, so you minimise the time without rent. Our approach is to do what matters to you, so feel free to get in touch, and let us know how we can help.