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How can a clean environment make us more productive?

By March 3, 2019June 23rd, 2019No Comments
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On the way to the office for another day’s hard work, the last thing that many of us have on our minds is how clean our space is. Yet another dead line to meet and the boss has given you yet another pile of files to get through.

So why is it something that we should take into consideration? Well, our health and our productivity can be affected by not having a clean and sanitary space.

There are easy quick things that anyone can do to help, okay, so… antibacterial wipes, keep a pack in your drawer and pull one out every morning and wipe over the keyboard and the mouse. Have you or any colleages had a cold recently? Don’t want to catch it? Okay, simply washing your hands as much as possible will help to prevent you catching it. Many of us are unaware that a simple task such as washing hands can help to prevent many illnesses being passed on to ourselves and others. Here’s a yucky fact; there is faeces is on a lot of surfaces that we all encounter every day, from door handles to light switches and sockets to name a few. So, wash your hands in the work place and put a polite sign in the toilets and kitchen area to remind everybody to wash theirs also, is a good start.

How can a clean environment make us more productive? Imagine a dull Monday morning and the prospect of work, plus on top of that, the office that you work in is, well, stinking!! From the loos to the kitchen, the fridge and the windows you can’t even see out of because no one has ever bothered to tackle them. Okay, so you have the idea you’re already on a downer before you even start your day and just to put the icing on the cake your car is playing up….

A clean sweep is needed, you may not have control over all the other stuff going on in your life but you can do something about your work space, if it’s clean & inviting you won’t mind as much going on the gloomy Monday plus you may land that important contract you have been chasing because you’re feeling positive. Happy days.

Small changes can make a big difference, put in place a cleaning rota, failing that call the cleaning team in SPARKLES