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So are you a rinse or scrape person?

By June 23, 2019No Comments
So are you a rinse or scrape person

It’s Saturday morning and I’m having my first cup of tea eating my breakfast sat watching the tv as so many do on their day off! Thinking about putting the dishwasher on….

Surprised that the conversation on the morning program is all about dishwashers! Is it stacked properly? should we teach the younger generation how to do this properly? and if you don’t stack it correctly, does your partner restack the plates? Should you rinse the pates first…?

While most of us have the luxury of this wonderful piece of equipment in our kitchens do we really know what and how we should look after them and stack them properly!
The best practice is to know your appliances just like any other white goods that you may own so read the instruction manual, make sure you keep your appliances clean and running well.

Rinse or scraping of plates is always a big debate, my personal answer to this is, would you put un scraped plates into your sink to wash? No!! Because you don’t want a load of food waste in the plug hole. So why would you not scrape your plate before putting them into the dishwasher? If your appliance is smelling it could be because food waste is trapped in the pipe works, decaying and causing the smell.
There are very good dishwasher cleaning products available to help with this problem.

Scrape the plates, pots and pans and remove any grease into the food waste bag, place the plates into the dishwasher, generally cups and glasses on top drawer… small side plates also, larger plates on the bottom with pots and pans Always check that your items are dishwasher safe, information is usually found underneath plates and cups and don’t put in anything that isn’t as this could lead to damaging that item or your appliance.

If you need more help why not do a google search on how to load a dishwasher.

God forbid if the machine should break down, do you know how to wash a plate or even remember where to start lol.
Using hot soapy water wash glasses and cups first, then the smaller plates, you can get it all ready and in order to make it easier, and don’t forget to remove all food and liquid first. Larger plates next, then your larger items like pots pans, any items that are greasy go last.. try and enjoy it rather than thinking of it as another chore, you might find it relaxing in today’s busy hectic life’s that we all live.

So are you a rinse or scrape person?

The debate goes on.