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By November 24, 2019No Comments

I was recently having a conversation with a friend, the topic was how many germs are around us every day? To be fair to the Bugs and Bacteria, most live with us and cause us no harm but we should all be aware that this is not true for all, and not to scare, some can cause real harm.

We also chatted about how clean are supermarket trolleys? Random I know! But to be honest how many of us would think about where their hands are going and how many other people’s hands have been in the same place? Unfortunately not every one thinks of the next person that might need to use the trolley; have they washed their hands after going to the loo, or after coughing into their hands, even after handling meat packaging as all have the potential to leave bacteria behind. Hopefully our local supermarket will anti-bac their trolleys every day to limit this, especially the handles.

The other thing that we both chatted about was reusing plastic bags, I’m all for it as are most people and of course supermarkets are the main weekly use for your bags. Be careful on reusing any bags that have had poultry in, why? Because most supermarkets have had the packaging tested and some have been found to have campylobacter on the exterior.
Make sure that you use one bag just for your chicken and pack other foods such as ready to eat foods separately from salads and fruits.