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The invisible

By August 21, 2019No Comments
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Your work/life balance is difficult enough without having to do the office or house cleaning! Someone else takes care of that, but have you asked yourself Who! The person that might start in the office before you start your job or maybe they come in after you have finished. Who is the person that has made your house look clean? Who are they? Have you stopped just for a minute to ask?
It’s the person that enables you to get on with your life or work without you having to think about cleaning, the hard work that’s involved, back breaking, arm aching, physical hard work.

The hidden world of the cleaner, the hidden person that’s behind that cleaning trolley.
I’ve noticed on two shows that I’ve watched on the tv recently that the person that they overlook as a prime suspect is the cleaner. In “Killing Eve” they mention that the person that is the possible killer is someone that goes unnoticed, someone that blends into the background. And on the the show “Cleaning Up” Sheridan Smith plays a cleaner that is able to go unnoticed in the office and gain information about stocks and shares…
Two really good shows that highlight the fact that some of the most hard working people in our society go unnoticed, the invisible work force that is taken for granted, from the rubbish collectors, to the street cleaner, to the office cleaner, to the domestic help.

We could all have a look at maybe getting to know the invisible work force and appreciate the hard work that they do every day to make everyone’s lives easier.
It could be that they are a hard working dad or mum that needs extra work to help support their family, or a student that needs to work to pay for there uni fees? Each one with a different story to tell, a different reason to why they are part of the invisible work force.

Let’s make every cleaner visible, that’s make them know that they are appreciated.