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Under the Microscope: Beverly Davies

By July 24, 2023No Comments

Beverly has always gone above and beyond in her role, and we all love to have a chat with her in the office. I had the pleasure of first working with Beverly back in 2020, we were at the start of the Covid journey and because Sparkles had trained staff to work in the Construction Industry, partnering up with like-minded people like Bev was essential.

We are a registered work trial employer and we have been able to do work trials instead of the old-fashioned interview as we find that it helps to take away the anxiety that this can cause, helping Sparkles overcome any issues with recruitment. Being able to offer this helps allay people’s fear and anxiety of what the job role entails and is a helpful for people to know what the world of cleaning looks like.

Beverly has been instrumental in our progress of helping local people into local employment.

Being able to work with someone and having open and honest conversations on What Matters to us as employers and What Matters to the individuals that Bev sends our way makes me proud to be part of this process with Bev from Elite.

Sparkles took the time to ask Beverly about her job. She had this to say:

How long have you been in your current role?

4 years

What is the best part of your job?

Matching participants to employers. Seeing the participants’ confidence grow when they are in employment.

Are there parts of your job that you find challenging?

When the participants are unsuccessful when applying to vacancies.

How do you find working with Sparkles Cleaning?

Sparkles are very supportive; we have a great working partnership. Sparkles have supported us in offering work experience, work trials and paid employment to the participants I support.

What’s Challenging about working with Sparkles?

I don’t find anything challenging about working with Sparkles.