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Voices From Care

By June 20, 2020November 1st, 2020No Comments

Helping and supporting the community

We have all felt that life has definitely changed in 2020, and for some it’s been extremely hard. Sparkles is privileged to work for great charities that help others, Voices from Care Cymru help to improve the lives of care experienced children and young people in Wales, they achieve this by being an independent voice for them.

When their office needed to get back up and running after being in lock down, as a company, knowing that all charities have found fund raising hard, we thought of how we could help them. They needed a full deep clean of their office space and it seemed a positive thing to do to give a helping hand so we provided a deep clean for free and they are now back in their office space working hard to help young people.

​What a lovely way for them to say thank you by sending us a letter of thanks.