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Why are we different at Sparkles?

By June 23, 2019No Comments
Why are we different at Sparkles?

Sparkles Cleaning Services Wales & West Ltd have a different take on how we view our customers and our staff. Yes we want to offer stress free professional cleaning, but how do we intend to do this and why are we so different to all the other cleaning companies that are competing for your attention.

With yourselves, the customer, our intention is to find out what we can do for you, to make sure we communicate this information to our staff and if you are happy with the service that we are providing then we are happy. This takes the greatest skill, to listen, not everyone in this busy world in which we live in can do this simplistic of skills which can leave you feeling like you’ve not been listened to.

Our staff are also very important to Sparkles, we also want to know what is important to them and we can change the business based on discussions that take place with staff members to make Sparkles the best company to work for. We offer ongoing support if and when needed to all staff members. Sparkles is looking to the future, to help with unemployment in Wales we are working closely with lots of organisations across the city and surrounding areas to see how we can train and help individuals back into work.

Sparkles offers training to employees to ensure that they are ‘Job Ready’ especially to those who have been out of employment for long periods of time. We are proud to say that we work closely with Cardiff City Council, Cardiff Adult Learning, The Hubs in Cardiff, PACE, The ESOL Teams and many other organisations regarding training and recruitment. We are registered as a Work Trial Employer, A Disability Confident Employer and we have signed up to the Cardiff Commitment Drive which attends local schools to support recruitment and talk about how to start a small to medium enterprises.

All Sparkles cleaners come with DBS checks and references and our work is fully insured. Our cleaners are the heart of our business and are paid above the minimum wage. We also fully embrace and encourage staff welfare and feedback in our decision making and how Sparkles is run.

To answer the question…
Because we are different, we care about people, we care about the community in which we live in and we care about the future.
We are not like the rest…