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Working with Rianna, Depot Manager for Amey Infrastructure

By December 2, 2022December 4th, 2022No Comments

Rianna has always gone above and beyond in her role; we are a registered work trial employer and we have been able to do work trials at the offices with Rianna’s agreement and understanding. Being able to offer this helps allay people’s fear and anxiety of what the job role entails and is a helpful for people to know what the world of cleaning looks like.

Rianna has been instrumental in our progress in becoming a Disability Committed Employer which has given so many people job opportunities as a result of us working together.

Being able to work with organisations and be part of their team; having open and honest conversations on What Matters to them as a company and What Matters to our staff, is important so that we can achieve the best outcomes. Rianna and her team promote an inclusive and diverse culture which is a breath of fresh air, and this fits in with our principles as a business, it makes what we do possible.

Sparkles took the time to ask Rianna about her job. She had this to say:

How long have you been in your current role?

So, my current role as a depot manager would be two years in December. I was involved in the project and Metro bid back maybe in 2017 and that was for about a year. I worked for the joint venture Keolis and then came back on board with Amey then when we won the bid so yeah, oh my gosh a long time.

I started as a support coordinator at the start of the project, and we were a tiny team, then, once we had decided we were going to be based here, we started building the depot and then it just grew from there. I then went into the Depot manger role.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part I’d probably say is the interaction with everyone, so from the clients to the IDPs, our contractors, and the supply chain, the site guys, and the directors. The beauty of this role is the interaction with all the teams.

Are there parts of your job you find challenging?

Yes, challenging I mean, every day there are always some challenges. It is such a big project, there are so many people involved and I guess the other side of that is that there is a lot of people to keep happy and to make sure everyone is working and doing what they should be doing, staff can be challenging too because you cannot please everybody, so you must then prioritise.

Especially now with the compound, we have a big responsibility with Health and Safety to make sure it is working safely, if an incident happens or something happens on site then that is our priority.

How do you find working with supply chains?

It is interesting because each contractor has their own package of work that they carry out for the project. Some contractors are specialised in civil works such as Alun Griffiths and ground works are Balfour on the track and doing stuff on the railways. It is all interesting, as I have gone out on a visitors permit, which is where you get your oranges on.

How do you feel being part of history in the making for Wales?

It is not going to impact everybody obviously, but I went out on the last blockade on the bridge and an old man was walking his dog, he said that he had read the paper to see what we were doing. After I had answered some questions he said that it was brilliant, there will be 3-4 extra trains into Cardiff a day, he said he was excited that it would change his everyday life.

Working with Sparkles

It has been crazy to think that you guys came in to the Callaghan Square office, talked about the project, you guys have come on that journey with us, Sparkles have been able to offer so many jobs with us in this. This area within the valleys we have been able to do so much together, so I think it is a good working relationship; we have had our ups and down obviously like anyone does, the people that work for Sparkles are part of the team, everyone knows their names, it is a help that Sparkles retains its staff, not having a big turnover of staff is great, it is great to see the staff wearing the Sparkles logo on the backs of jackets or on their polo shirts.